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Your source for construction and landscaping supplies in Geelong and Ocean Grove

Step into the world of Danly, the prime destination for all your construction and landscaping supply needs in Geelong and Ocean Grove. Our strategically located outlets in North Geelong and Ocean Grove are your gateways to a diverse range of high-grade materials, perfect for any building or gardening project in Geelong and The Bellarine.

Expertise in supply

With a steadfast focus on the construction and landscaping industries, Danly is dedicated to fulfilling the material needs of both Geelong and Ocean Grove. Our extensive inventory spans from essential soils and composts to bagged concrete mixes and cement products, ensuring every project is built on quality. Read More +

Garden supplies for every project

Our garden supply section is a haven for greenthumbs and landscaping professionals alike. Offering an assortment of mulches, pebbles, sands, and more, we provide everything you need to beautify your outdoor spaces. Our premium soils and composts are particularly tailored to thrive in the Bellarine Peninsula’s unique environment.

Construction materials for every build

Danly is a trusted resource for the construction sector, offering a comprehensive range of building materials. From high-quality concrete and cement to essential tools and equipment, our products meet the highest durability and performance standards.

On-time delivery across the region

Recognising the importance of timely delivery, Danly ensures a swift and efficient transportation service for all your construction and landscaping supplies across Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula. Our delivery team is committed to bringing your supplies directly to your site with utmost reliability.

Our commitment to the community

Danly is more than just a supplier; we are a part of the Geelong and Ocean Grove community. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing quality materials and advice and support to help bring your projects to life.

Get in touch with us

We invite you to explore our extensive range of supplies at our North Geelong and Ocean Grove locations or reach out to our expert team for any assistance. Danly is your partner in building and beautifying your world.

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Danly construction and landscaping supplies in Geelong and Ocean Grove
Garden, landscaping, and other supplies

At Danly, we take pride in offering an extensive array of landscaping products meticulously selected to cater to every aspect of your gardening and outdoor projects in Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula. Our range includes premium garden soils, rich in nutrients, perfect for nurturing your plants, and a variety of mulches, essential for soil health and moisture retention. For aesthetic enhancements, our selection of decorative pebbles and crushed rock adds both beauty and functionality to any garden space. We also provide specialised products like screenings and scoria, ideal for drainage and landscaping foundations. Danly’s commitment to quality ensures that every product, from the smallest pebble to the most substantial soil mix, contributes to creating vibrant, sustainable, and beautiful outdoor spaces